Welcome to HANCOCK-VBC

International boxing tournament organized by:

BK Sct. Jørgen and BK Limfjord.

Now BK Sct. Jørgen, Holstebro and BK Limfjord, Skive teamed up in a collaboration on holding one tournament in boxing. This means that Vestjysk Box Cup and Hancock Open Tournament will be closed down and a new tournament will arise. The new tournament will be called HANCOCK-VBC and this year this tournament will be held in Skive during the weekend of 1 - 3 November 2019 and opposite year in Holstebro.

We look forward to accepting your entries.

BK Sct. Jørgen

BK Limfjord

Telefon / Phone

Allan    +45  40843701

                  Kasper +45  40573642